hi my name is:


I am a UI designer/developer. I actively develop my artistic, UI, and programming skills through college courses, self-studies, and freelance work. It is always an evolutionary process.

I am always looking for opportunities to improve and become better with what I do.



User Interface Design

I was put in charge of the user interface direction for the open source painting application Krita. This involves a lot of user research and learning how people use the application. From this information I work with the developers and artists to come up with the final designs. The design decisions I am involved with range from fixing confusing verbiage to creating an animation system workflow...and everything between. You can find the code on Github and download the application from the Krita.org website.


Krita.org re-design

Krita is an art/painting application that is targeted for concept and illustrators. I did most of the work in terms of design and development in 2014. I started this off on the KDE forums and IRC channel with wireframe designs. After a few iterations with content organization and placement, I moved on to high-fidelity mockups. Once that was in place I created a Wordpress theme and coded it. A Great learning experience. It was the first time I did a lot with SSH and working with Linux/Ubuntu exclusively. I became a lot more comfortable with the command line after this project. Used GIT for source control Check out the website. The maintainer wanted to make this live before SIGGRAPH 2014, so there are a few sections that I still need to revitalize. I also help with the design and development of the application itself.


blender.org re-design

A site that I helped work on from 2013-2014. I came in a little late to help out with the site design. I did help out quite a bit with javascript issues that arose from plug-ins. It was the first time I really worked much with GITHub and LESS before. It was a nice experience and the site turned out pretty well. Check out the website

St. Louis Game Jam

St. Louis Game Jam website design

I have a not so secret hobby of game design and development on my free time. This was a site I designed and developed for game jams in St. Louis. If you aren't familiar with game jams, they are a 48 hour event where designers, artists, and developers get together and make a game. Built with WordPress, Bootstrap, a few little plug-ins. I also did most of the branding and t-shirt designs for the event. Check out the website

Swank Motion Pictures

Swank Motion Pictures

It is hard to show what I do at my regular job. Most of the UI work I do is internal, so I really can't show it on this site. Here is one division of the company that I spend time on. It is a learning management system where doctors and nurses receive continuing education. It is mostly built with .NET technologies, with a smattering of client side libraries like jQuery, Angular.js and Knockout.js.

Personal Game Project

game ui

I spend some of my free time making games! Here is a screenshot of a character sheet. Different attributes level up as you use them, so that is what the space is on the right. I have a rough prototype of this working on the Ouya. I did the development in Unity3D and used NGUI for all of the UI elements.


I am always taking drawing classes and developing my art skills. Many of the images are game related since I enjoy doing that type of thing.

3d character sheet
Art Nouveau

Contact Me

Comments? Suggestions? Feedback? All is welcome on the contact form. I usually check email multiple times a day, so I should be able to respond in less than 24 hours.

Thanks for the feedback.
If you needed a response, I will get back to you as soon as I can.